Being on a contract is weird. I nominally work 37 hrs/week, but payslips are written for 40hrs. This means my timesheet, which I fill in to add up to 37hrs, gets "inflated" by a factor of 1.081 to make the official values.

This means I work 7.4 hrs/day, which turns into 8. It seems I shouldn't need to care about this, but it seems more complex than this because the payslips show less granularity.

Pay cycle




Jan 4-10

29.6 (4x 7.4hr days)

32 (4x 8-hour days)

Seems normal

Jan 11-17

39 (5x 7.4hr days + 2hrs)

40 (5x 8-hour days)

Hang on, so the 2hrs wasn't enough to receive extra pay? :/

Dec 07-13

41.35 (5x 7.4hr days + 4.35 hrs)

44 (5.5x 8-hour days)

Okay so I can get paid in half-day increments apparently

Dec 14-20

37 (5x 7.4hr days)

40 (5x 8-hour days)

Normal pay

If the granularity is hourly then I should always use at least 0.925-hour increments. But it's shit for reporting in Fieldglass because it rounds to tenths-of-hours if you don't put in "clean" values for clock-in and clock-out times.

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