Total order with shipping was 330 AUD, and it's easiest to assume that everything is the same weight and ignore shipping differences. Thus the exchange rate is just the RMB total divided by AUD, or 800/330 == 2.4 RMB to the AUD.

RMB prices

Total 800 RMB or so.

AUD prices

box listing

Not ordered

Things to get

Backless sweater

This seems to be the search term: 性感露背高领毛衣无袖针织套头上衣 (Sexy Backless Turtleneck Sleeveless Knit Hoodie Top)

Looks like the standard size is ~70cm long, 12cm of which is the collar. If you're up to 165cm tall you're probably okay. Beyond that you'll want shorts or a skirt (or underwear).

There exists this longer variant, no cable-knit but plenty long. Note that it may not be available in grey:

Other stuff to gawk at

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